Page Proofs and I need a new Phone

So, I received my page proofs.  The book looks pretty cool in book form.  I’m supposed to read through and catch any final typos before FATED goes to print.  This is the last time I’ll have a chance to change anything.  Note that by change anything, I mean to add a comma.  This puppy is typeset and I’m fairly sure the publisher sends scary guys in SWAT outfits after you if you try to change too much at this point.  Though I have to say, seeing my name next to the page number on ever other page is thrilling.

I’ve added pictures of the page proofs.  Yeah, the pictures aren’t that great.  I took them with my battered cell phone.  Time for a new one, but I can’t decide what to get.  The Droid is intriguing, as is the newest BlackBerry…but I’ve been looking at the IPhone.  Rumor has it that Verizon and IPhone will be united sometime later this year.  Though I was thinking…I’m driving down the road, singing along with Bon Jovi (yes, I’m cool) on the IPod and…the phone rings.  Does the music stop?

I can’t have the music stop just because my dentist is calling to confirm my appointment the next day.  The music must go on.  So, perhaps it’s the Droid.

I guess it’s time to look at those page proofs.  ARCs should be arriving mid-November, so I’ll be having some contests and giveaways soon.  🙂