Happy Birthday, Steph!

You know that one person you can tell ANYTHING to and know, without a doubt, they’ll go to their grave with it? No matter how juicy or funny or OMGish? I have one of those. Her name is Stephanie. She lets those of us related to her call her “Steph.” Sometimes. Other people shouldn’t.

I trust my car to her. (She’s a much better driver than I am. True fact.) I trust my kids with her. (She’s great with them). And I trust my secrets to her. (See above.)

She’s my sister, and I think she usually likes that fact. I know I do. She’s the peacemaker among us. The one who can always see both sides and never judge. She’s also the one you want on your side if things go south. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for family. 

In fact, when we take a girls trip to Vegas, she’s ALWAYS the one who sticks around to make sure I recover from the flight.  (I’m known to take a Valium or two during flight–it’s okay.  My doctor prescribes it because hey, flying is scary.)  🙂  The time we went without Steph, I found myself looking up at a slot machine wondering where the rest of the gals had gone.  I haven’t gone without Steph since.

Oddly enough, she’s the one who reminds me most of our mom. Our mom is always there for everyone, too. A constant. True acceptance and assurance when you need it. Just like Steph.

So, today I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stephanie. Who will forever be pleased by the fact that she’s younger than I am.

I love you. 🙂

Here’s a cute picture we dug up of Stephanie, Debbie and me about a million years ago.  You would not BELIEVE the amount of hairspray these two used!  I’m serious.  If there really is an ozone problem, I know who we all can blame.