From book sale to bookshelf – contracts and the name game

Okay – my contract arrived!  Yay!  All 19 pages of it – in triplicate.  Also, my agent sent a copy of the changes that had been negotiated – percentages of certain rights, deadlines and so forth.  So I read through it, more than a little thankful for being a lawyer.  However, while I can read a contract, I still didn’t know what terms were good.  Now I do.  Thanks to Caitlin.  Having an agent certainly makes this path smoother.

The other thing going on today is that we’re trying to name the book.  My editor at Kensington, Megan, said she’s working on it, so Caitlin and I threw together a list and emailed them to her yesterday.  I just received an email from Megan with a list of four possibilities.  So, of course, I sent the list to Caitlin, my writing buddies Jennifer Dorough and Brandi Hall before calling my husband, mom, sister and cousin.  Ummm.   So far the answers vary.  BUT, I do think we’ll  have a name by the end of the day.  Or maybe the end of the week…

My sister Debbie keeps saying that she liked ‘Urban Bite.’  And I keep saying, “Me too.”  But, I do understand why the title wouldn’t work for a paranormal romance.  So I’ll check back soon once we get a title.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!