Am I Addicted to Twitter?!?

So, I spent Memorial weekend camping up the river with friends and family – but no internet and no cell service.  I began to shake with

Rain anyone?

withdrawals about an hour into the first day.  NO TWITTER!  What if my editor tweeted and mentioned she was looking for something for a new anthology?  What if my crit partner sold again and I wasn’t there to share the news?  What if Cynthia Eden finalled in yet another contest?!?  Or…what if someone tweeted the best, most perfect way to cook oatmeal?  AND I MISSED IT?

I began to calm down about the second rainy day.  And then, since it was pouring down, I began to write.  Without the internet, IM or Twitter calling me to just take a little break and check in.  It was rather…PEACEFUL. 

Roughing it in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest...

For the record, my idea of camping is on private property in a trailer with ovens, microwaves, showers and heat.  Not exactly roughing it.  But as I said…it rained the whole time.  You add in kids and dogs, and that’s a whole lot of mud. 

Here are my final stats for the weekend:

Words written:  8,000

Pounds gained:  At least 5

Loads of laundry to do upon arriving home:  At least 10

Left over eggs since we all do breakfast together:  3 cartons of 18 each – YIKES!

Wet dog...

Shoes I brought home that ended up mixed with ours… a pink sneaker size 3 and a brown boot size 12.

Shoes of ours completely destroyed by mud and rain:  5  –  yes there should be an even number, but somehow we lost a yellow sneaker size 6.

Wine bottles left over:  Um…none